Weight loss is usually associated with exercise or diet, but just the combination of these two may not work for everyone. The good news is that there is a third phenomenon, proven to be effective for weight loss, that works really well due to various scientific reasons. We’re talking about ‘massage therapy.’

How Massage Therapy Works

There are several benefits of massage therapy for those trying to shed weight and tone their bodies. But the cellulite reduction, decreased belly fat and trimmer thighs are results you’ll only see if you supplement the massages with other weight loss efforts like exercise.

Having said that, massages are known to help people stick to their exercise regimes and diet programs more easily and offer the following benefits:

·     Improved sleep

·     Reduced stress

·     Reduced muscle soreness

·     Reduced mental stress and anxiety

·     Improvement in range of movement

But before you book an appointment with a massage therapist, you should get acquainted with the kinds of massages that are actually effective in promoting weight loss.

Types of Massages For Weight Loss

Swedish Massage

Several weight loss and health experts recommend the Swedish massage for weight loss with moderate pressure (you could go for increased pressure if you’re not a beginner). Experts say that a Swedish massage is excellent for circulation, addresses several problem areas, loosens muscles and also enhances the sense of overall wellbeing in an individual.

Instead of calling a massage therapist or booking an appointment, you could also try a self-massage at home using an oil or cream as it helps in improving blood circulation and toning muscles. This is especially helpful if you’re sore are sore after a workout. Check out the top rated foot spas for relaxing here. We also have a variety of foot massagers listed here. Here’s a great video on Blissful Foot Massage with a Swedish variety.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage, a very popular type of massage, is known to be effective for weight loss as it helps cut down one’s desire for binge eating. For this massage, experts use aromatic oils that are especially extracted from flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and fruits, and are known to be highly effective.

According to researchers, an hour of this massage therapy, with oils such as grapefruit and cypress among others, could help reduce waist circumference and abdominal fat. These results would be visible if the therapy is done for at least 5 to 6 weeks without any breaks.

Those who’ve been using the aromatherapy massage claim that it has helped them get better sleep, and also relieved muscle pain. Besides physical benefits, aromatherapy has also proven to reduce depression and stress in individuals, which can ultimately help in curbing binge eating or under eating. In other words, aromatherapy also supports a good metabolism in individuals.

Lymphatic Massage

It is a scientifically researched fact that obesity and weight gain can cause lymphedema, which further amplifies weight gain and inflammation. Shiatsu massage can be great for draining the Lymphatic system! Lymphatic massage is a type of weight loss massage that supports lymphatic drainage, or flushing out all the extra water from one’s waist, legs, ankles and wrist, thus reducing puffiness.

According to a study, a manual massage or lymphatic massage might be helpful in minimizing belly and thigh fat. It is also helpful for those who often engage in active sports and may need to recover from injuries.

In order to get the maximum benefits out of the lymphatic massage, it is crucial for you to eat clean, and avoid all kinds of unhealthy foods. Getting a massage or using a shiatsu massager at home is equally important, in order to achieve the desired benefits. A physical lymphatic drainage helps in pushing out the waste from the tissues of your body, thus aiding overall loss of weight.


The fact is that massages can facilitate weight loss, but only in an ancillary manner. With regular massages, you will definitely notice reduced cellulite in your body as the process helps break subcutaneous fat. For those who are unable to carry on with their regular exercise routines due to some injuries or muscle pain, a massage could be helpful in relieving muscle pain, and helping them get back to their regular workout program.

Some of the other benefits of massages for weight loss include

·     Easing of constipation

·     Reduced gastrointestinal issues

·     Improvement in nausea

Medical and health experts believe that when an individual reports optimal digestive health, their body is capable of taking maximum advantage of all the nutrients ingested, this helping them lose weight.

In order to achieve success in weight loss, you’ll ultimately have to focus on a combination of things- adequate daily physical activity and a nutritious, calorie-controlled diet. Adding a massage to this routine will help you see greater benefits in a short period of time.