Beverly Hills Footsie Bath Review


Best bits:

  1. It looks just stunning
  2. Top quality — could easily be used in a salon
  3. Heater keeps the water hot and nice massage function

Worst bits:

  1. No water jets
  2. If you’re using it professionally, the plastic linings are on the expensive side
  3. Good value, but there are cheaper foot spas out there

Recently, a few of the lucky girls at Blissful Relaxation were asked to try out one of the more unique at home foot spas: the Footsie Bath.

Now, a few years ago the Footsies were all the rage, and we’re pleased to inform you they’re still going strong!

For those of you who are considering the Footsie Bath for home use, it’s worth noting that this machine was developed to be used commercially in salons — this particular foot spa was designed by a professional pedicurist, and so many of the features were included to address the common problems she experienced with other foot spas in a salon setting.

Don’t let this put you off though; the spa was produced to be used at home but one or two of the extra features are only relevant to those of you looking to use it for professional purposes.

And really, with that in mind, if you’re looking for a salon quality foot spa to use at home, this foot bath is exactly that!

Our focus at Blissful Relaxation is primarily on the home user market, and our review will reflect that, but due to the commercial nature of this product, and the fact that one of the girls was a professional beautician, we’ll also throw in our thoughts on using the Footsie Bath professionally.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Appearance and Size

Let’s get one thing straight: the Beverly Hills Footsie Bath is a stunning foot spa.footsie foot bath

I’d even argue this further and say that it’s the best looking foot spa on the market. That’s one hell of a compliment!

The moment it arrived, we knew this was special. We tested out the model with the black color scheme, and we were instantly wowed. The Footsie looks beautifully slick and professional, especially with the chrome buttons on the side. It’s also remarkably robust — I’d expect this foot spa to last a long, long time — which isn’t surprising as this foot spa was manufactured with regular use in mind.

On to the size, and let me tell you, the size in the image is deceptive — Before it arrived, quite a few of us had commented that it looked very narrow, and there were even a few debates as to whether it was designed for one foot or two.

Let me reassure you: this foot spa is big and will comfortably accommodate two large feet — my husband lent us his size 12 feet to test this, and both fitted inside with no issues at all. The image of a Footsie Bath does suggest it’s on the narrow side, but in reality this is not the case at all. This article, presented by , is a testament to the collective effort of our writers. Their unwavering support and expertise fuel the creation of content that enlightens and educates.


Footsie Bath

The Footsie Bath is a heated foot spa.

You can switch on the heaters on their own, or alongside the vibration setting by switching the first of two adjustable knobs. Adjust the second, and you can set the intensity of the heat, on a progressively hotter 1 to 5 scale. Most other foot spas we’ve tested don’t have this adjustable heating option — it’s either on or it’s off. This means you’re quite limited, and for Footsie to include this option was great. You can really tell the designer created this foot spa to build on the existing solutions available.

The heater performed exceptionally well, unsurprising if you’re entertaining clients — you wouldn’t want a cold pedicure, would you? Leave the heating element on and the water will remain hot, though it might take a while to heat water from cold. In fact, one of the girls who tested this spa actually complained that the spa got a little too hot on the maximum setting. Whilst we don’t want anyone burning their feet, it was nice to see a heater capable of doing its job!

Massaging Function


A quick point; when the Footsie is used in a professional environment, a thin plastic liner is placed inside for hygiene purposes, to prevent the spreading of infections. Because of this, any water jets would be blocked by the liner, potentially tearing the thin plastic. For this reason, there are no water jets.

This all sounds fair enough, but as we were looking at things from a “home use” perspective — where you won’t be using the liners — this was a little disappointing.

Instead, the Footsie Bath has a vibrate function, so it’s more of a massager than a spa — if you’re looking for water jets, bubbles and waterfalls, you’re in the wrong place.

The vibrate setting actually works really well, though. It’s far quieter than the other vibrating foot baths we’ve encountered, and the performance is impressive. You can have the spa vibrate with the heater on or off, and either way it’s a nice sensation.

The massage function isn’t too intense that it’s over the top, and we all agreed Footsie had got it just right. If you suffer with niggly aches and pains from long days on your feet, the Footsie Bath will really help; I suffer with foot pain, and the vibrations really helped to lift some of the tension out of my feet.

With the vibrating function more than serving its purpose, everyone was happy!

Extra Features

To be honest, the Footsie Bath is a nice, simple foot spa, and there aren’t really any excessive features, except from a professional viewpoint (more on this later!).

At the bottom of the basin, there are hundreds of tiny bumps and ridges which, when you run your feet over, feel rather nice. Would we call this a feature though? Probably not, but it’s a nice touch.

The final button on the side is used to pull the power chord in quickly, and whilst this isn’t 100% necessary, it does help with storage. I think this was included to prevent anyone tripping over the chord in a salon setting, thus avoiding expensive lawsuits. However, it does make life a little easier at home, too.

With no jets to clog, you can also mix your own soaps, salts and soaks into the water. Perfect for anyone looking to create a more tranquil spa/salon experience.

Professional Use

Footsie Bath Liners

The basin of most foot spas sits on the floor, but with the Footsie the basin is elevated several inches off the floor. This doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re on your knees all day this does make a big difference. Anyone considering investing in the Footsie Bath to use in a professional salon will find this very relieving.

The main difference between home and salon use is a metal frame and plastic linings, though. These enable you to treat several clients without worrying about the spreading of infection — you simply switch the lining and the water between each user. Because of the linings, no germs ever reach the actual basin, they all remain in the liners, which can be disposed of hygienically. You probably won’t need them if you’re just planning to use them at home, but from a professional perspective this is vital — in fact, many US states legally require some form of lining to ensure certain hygiene standards are adhered to. The Footsie Bath linings make meeting these standards simple; it’s as easy as hooking the lining over the metal frame and filling the machine up with warm water.

Ten liners are included in the box with the machine, and you can pick up more as needed. At first glance, they do seem rather expensive, but when you consider the standard charge of a pedicure, the cost can easily be absorbed in the price.


This spa isn’t exactly on the cheap side and is priced in the upper middle range. However, when you consider how amazing it looks, how well built it is, and how well it functions, we all thought it represented great value, and we would all be prepared to pay for the Footsie Bath.

From a professional perspective, none of us would even hesitate to purchase the Footsie, but from a home usage point of view, we do understand that the price could put some people off.


Overall, a very impressive spa.

If you want a spa that’s visually stunning, keeps the water hot, and can massage your feet, there are very few spas that can compete with the Footsie.

If you’re all about the relaxation and water jets, there are probably better spas out there for you.

For anyone looking to invest in a foot spa to use in a salon, trust us, you won’t find better than the Footsie Bath!

Looking to purchase the Footsie Bath?