If you’ve ever gotten a massage, professionally or otherwise, you’re probably already aware of the relaxing benefits of massage therapy. But did you know that certain types of massage can also be highly beneficial for your circulatory and respiratory health? 

Air compression massage, or air compression therapy, is a type of circulatory massage, usually performed on the calfs, legs, and feet, which stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation, and toxin removal, all while providing an intensely relaxing massage experience. 

And the best part? You can now enjoy sequential air compression massage therapy as often as you like, from the comfort of your own home, with DS MAREF’s Air Compression System

This system involves the wearing of boot-style sleeves on the legs. These sleeves, when attached to the compression system, inflate and deflate, exerting sequential compression on the legs. 

In this article, we’ll be providing an in-depth review of the Air Compression System by DS MAREF, detailing the product’s main and additional features alongside an overall summary of its advantages and disadvantages. We’ve even included an FAQ section to answer your burning questions about air compression therapy. 

Doctor Life (FSA HSA Approved) Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager : Device, Foot and Leg Recovery Boots - Improved Blood Circulation and Fast Sports Recovery (SP-2000, L)

Compression Pump 

First of all, let’s talk about the compression pump. As the ‘powerhouse’ of this air compression system, the compression pump needs to be effective and easy to use. This pump meets both of these requirements. 

The motor itself is powerful enough to provide effective compression but also delivers a gentle massage action that won’t be uncomfortable or cause any kind of skin or tissue damage. 

Conveniently, the system can be turned on and off using the same button. Pressing the button once will start the pump while pressing it twice will turn the system off. 

There are 3 timer settings on the pump: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. Again, a single button is used to change the timer setting and indicator lights have been incorporated to indicate the current setting. 

This is a great feature because no 2 bodies are the same and some users may only require a short, 10-minute session, while others might benefit from a longer compression massage. The availability of several time settings also means that you can easily fit your air compression therapy sessions around your schedule. 

Additionally, the air pressure from the pump can be adjusted using the pressure control knob. The pressure levels are marked around the knob so you can align the clearly engraved arrow on the knob with the correct pressure. This enables the gradual augmentation of pressure, so you can start using this system on a lower setting while your body adjusts to the sensation. 

The only potential concern with the pressure knob is that it is extremely easy to turn. Whilst this can definitely be seen as a good thing because it makes the pump easy to use, it also means that the user might accidentally increase or decrease the pressure during use. 

Compression/Recovery Boots 

Of course, this air compression system comes with the required compression boots, also known as recovery boots. 

These boots are easy to put on and remove using the zipper system. The zipper closure, unlike other fastening systems such as velcro straps, is quick and uncomplicated to use, which is a massive advantage for those who struggle with mobility or pain, and may not be able to bend down for long periods of time to fasten the boots. 

Customers have reported very pleasant experiences using these boots, and it’s clear that they provide an effective and soothing circulatory massage. They are durably constructed and do not leak, meaning you’ll be able to fully benefit from the air compression system for the foreseeable future.

The only significant downside to the recovery boots, in this case, is that they are only available in a size large. According to DS MAREF’s size guide, this boot size will fit an upper thigh circumference of 24 inches, a 21.9-inch mid-thigh, 19.1-inch knees, 15.9-inch calves, 14.2-inch ankles, and an 11-inch foot circumference. 

Now, given that compression boots are often used to cope with swelling after injuries or surgery, the large size is probably the most important size to stock. However, the single size means that statistically speaking, most customers won’t be able to buy this system in their size, which is a shame. 

Moreover, the measurements indicated run quite small for a size large, and the extension zipper needs to be purchased separately, which is not ideal where swelling is involved. Reportedly, accessories and replacement parts, including the extension zipper, are difficult to find through online retailers, which contributes to the sizing issue.

Some customers have also reported that the boots do not always deflate themselves after the timer has finished running. This can make putting on, removing, and storing the boots after use quite difficult. However, this issue can be quite easily solved by removing the connector hose from the pump. 

Overall, these are effective compression boots, but more availability and variety in terms of sizing would have improved this product. 

Additional Features 


This air compression system also includes 2 hoses: a double hose and a single hose. These hoses connect the compression pump to the recovery boots, feeding the air from the system into the boots. 

The flexibility offered by the choice of double or single hose adds to the convenience of this product and means that, should one hose be misplaced, you can continue to use the air compression system with the other. 

There have been some customer reports of connection issues with these hoses, however. Some customers have found that the plastic tube connectors are easily breakable, impacting the ability to properly connect the system to the recovery boots. This issue is made more inconvenient by the fact that replacement parts for this system seem to be quite difficult to find online. 

Foot Pads

Also included with DS MAREF’s Air Compression System is a pair of foot pads. The pads might look uncomfortable due to the bumpy surface, but the raised bumps actually serve an important function. 

The foot pads are designed to be placed under the sole of the foot inside the recovery boots. As the system exerts compression over the legs and feet, the bumps on the foot pads provide acupressure on the bottom of the feet. This results in an intensely relaxing massage experience for enhanced stress and tension relief. 

These pads are a fantastic addition to this air compression system.


Is air compression therapy safe?

For some, the idea of altering the body’s natural circulation of blood using compression may raise a few concerns. Understandably, you might be asking yourself if air compression therapy is 100% safe. 

The good news is, for the vast majority of people, air compression massage completely safe. In fact, compression machines are sometimes even used in medical settings such as hospitals to treat injuries or illness-related swelling, as well as conditions like poor circulation or edema. 

The only exceptions would be if a person has serious vascular or cardiovascular conditions. In this case, there is a risk that the compression may worsen the condition. 

If you have any doubts at all about whether air compression massage or therapy is safe for you to undergo, you should consult your doctor. It’s also important to remember that, while variations of compression systems are often used in medical facilities, this is a product solely intended for personal use and should not be used as a replacement or substitute for medical treatment. 



  • User-friendly pump controls 
  • Adjustable air pressure 
  • 3 timer settings 
  • Easy zipper boot closure 
  • Comes with double and single hoses 
  • Foot pads included for acupressure 


  • Only available in size large 
  • Plastic hose connectors are fragile 

Final Thoughts

Overall, DS MAREF’s Air Compression System is a great therapeutic product with many diverse benefits. 

The compression pump is small and portable with a powerful motor that exerts gentle, yet sufficient pressure on the legs for a soothing and therapeutic leg massage experience. The controls featured on the pump are minimalistic and user-friendly for maximum ease-of-use. 

The compression boots are easy to put on and take off thanks to the convenient zipper closure and connect easily to the pump using the double hose provided. 

The included foot pads are a thoughtful and welcome addition to this air compression system. The acupressure they exert on the soles of the feet complements the compression action of the system itself by helping to relieve muscular tension. 

The main downfall of this product is its sizing. Since only the large size is available and the extension zipper needs to be purchased separately, the majority of customers are likely to struggle to find this product in a size that fits properly. People experiencing swelling as a result of an injury or health condition, or during surgical recovery, are likely to be impacted by this. 

Additionally, some minor issues such as the fragility of the hose connectors may be complicated further by the limited availability of replacement parts and accessories online. 

However, if your measurements align with those listed on the size guide, you will likely be highly satisfied with the relaxation and health benefits provided by this air compression system.