In reflexology, a holistic field of medicine, it is believed that specific nerve areas of the feet and hands are connected to the rest of the body. By pinpointing and massaging these areas wellbeing is promoted within the connected body parts.

Similarly, acupressure follows the same principle, the only difference being that this holistic treatment uses over 800 reflex points found along thin energy lines that run throughout the length of the body to alleviate pain and ailments. 

Though many spas offer these two kinds of treatments, you can do it in the comfort of your home or out runnning errands by choosing to wear a pair of sandals made to achieve the same effects as these two holistic therapies. 

In this article, we’ve carefully selected five of the best reflexology and acupressure sandals available on the market today, as well as including a buying guide to help you figure out what kind is best for you. Whether you want a pair of sandals that can help relieve back pain, or you’d like a pair that can soothe feelings of arthritis, with a little help from us, you’ll be well on your way to higher energy levels and improved overall health in no time. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick:

When it comes to relieving back, neck, and leg pain, the BYRIVER Reflexology Acupressure Massage Sandals are a winner.

 Carefully designed to target heel pain and tension caused by arthritis, neuropathy, and other common ailments, these fantastic sandals will refresh sore feet, all the while promoting better blood flow that will enhance overall health.

We highly recommend them. 

Here’s what sets them apart from the rest:

  • They feature 41-foot acupoint areas that will quickly provide targeted pain relief to the areas that need it most
  • Proven to refresh achy, plantar fasciitis feet, promote better blood flow and help to soothe pain associated with arthritis 
  • To ensure a secure and stable fit, these sandals feature a strap design that will allow you to adjust the width to suit your feet
  • It comes with additional massage buttons in case you need to replace any, as well as a 3-month free exchange warranty for any non-deliberate damage

Best Acupressure Sandals Reflexology Sandals


BYRIVER Reflexology Foot Massager Tools, Acupuncture Massage Slippers Shoes Sandals Mat, Stress Plantar Fasciitis Relief Gifts for Men Women, Relieve Heel Arch Arthritis Neuropathy Pain (05M)

Carefully designed in line with the reflexology map of the foot, the BYRIVER Reflexology Acupressure Massage Sandals are great for relieving pains such as a headache, back pain, neck pain, and leg pain. 

Made to counteract the aches and pains that come with day to day life, these innovative sandals by BYRIVER are designed to cater to the elderly that want to improve their mobility, office workers who are struggling with back pain, and those that spend most of their workday up on their feet.

Drawing upon the Chinese practice of reflexology, that believes different body parts correspond to pressure points in the feet, these sandals contain 41 acupoints that will apply pressure to these areas. With regular use, these sandals will improve blood circulation, relieve all types of aches, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep quailty. 

Suitable for both men and women, they’re available in three different colorways and multiple different sizes. They’re made with environmentally friendly materials and comes with 5 additional massage acupoint balls in case you need to replace any. In addition to this, BYRIVER also have a ‘3-month free’ exchange policy that ensures that, if there’s any non-deliberate damage, they’ll send you another pair free of charge.


  • Features an adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Has 41 acupoint massage balls that will pinpoint pressure points in the feet
  • Highly effective at reducing aches, pains and stress


  • Some find these sandals to uncomfortable to wear


Besides being inspired by reflexology, the BIKINIV Massage Slippers also draw upon the concepts of Aodake-Fumi, which translates to ‘stepping on bamboo’ which is specifically intended to alleviate pain, all the while being comfortable to wear. 

The BIKINIV Reflexology Slippers will work to provide targeted relief to areas most affected by general aches and pains, although they’ll particularly benefit those that have plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the of the part of the foot that connects the heel bone to the toe

The BIKINIV Reflexology Slippers not only have a soothing footbed that will massage the entirety of your foot, but also an Aodake-Fumi function that will target specific pressure points of the foot to promote overall health.

Its anatomically shaped design is able to not only provide comfortable support while the pressure points of the feet are being gently massaged, but also promote better posture alignment, making them an ideal choice for those that suffer from flat feet or gait problems. 

Whether you’re looking for a recovery shoe after a workout, or you’re trying to increase your mobility, the precise, ‘bamboo’ design of these sandals footbeds will provide the targeted relief you need.


  • Suitable for both men and women (different colorways and sizes)
  • Besides drawing upon reflexology, these sandals also draw upon Aodake-Fumi which is known to be a more comfortable technique 
  • Your purchase will be protected by BIKINV’s 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee


  • Soft fabric may not be suitable for outdoor wear


Revs - Lights - Men's and Women's Reflexology Massage Flip Flops, Gold, US10 Women/US9 Men

If you’d prefer a pair of massage sandals in a ‘flip-flop’ design, the Revs Premium Massage Flip Flops are a great pair to consider. 

Boasting a massaging footbed, the anatomically shaped Revs Massage Flip Flops will stimulate your foot’s pressure points to help boost blood flow, cell growth, and healthy organ functions. They will also reduce swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet, all the while promoting relaxation and enhancing overall feelings of wellbeing. 

Drawing upon both reflexology and acupressure, the Revs Premium Massage Flip Flops offer drug-free, natural healing and are suitable for all ages and purposes, whether that be as a preventative measure or you want to relieve feelings of arthritis

Upon use, they will instantly get to work in massaging your feet and rebalancing your body in order to leave you feeling (and looking) healthier.

The materials used to make these sandals have been carefully chosen by Revs for their durability and comfort, while the nodules are designed to effectively contours themselves to your individual foot shape so that of the feet the corresponding organs and muscles can feel the benefits.

Not only that, but the sole of the Revs shoes also contain elastomer which will provide shock-absorbing qualities as well as an extra layer of soft cushioning, making them excellent for relieving painful, tired feet & legs, at home and while running errands.

These flip flops from Revs are also recommended as a recovery shoe after a gym workout and will be able to help reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid, all the while reducing any inflammation and encouraging a restful night’s sleep. 


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • They’re comfortable to wear unlike other kinds of reflexology sandals
  • An ideal choice for those who prefer a flip flop design


  • As they’re made with comfort in mind, they’re not as intense as other reflexology-acupressure massage sandals


CLORIS Deep Tissue Circulation Massage Slippers with Jade Stones, Acupressure Sandals Reflexology Therapy Shoes Gift for Men Women with a Pair of Sock (M)

The CLORIS Foot Massage Sandals feature both reflexology and shiatsu massaging functions and can help to soothe foot and heel pain caused by arthritis and neuropathy.

Effective and ergonomic, these sandals feature an adjustable strap that you can use to tighten or loosen the sandal, depending on how you want to wear them. They’re recommended by CLORIS as being suitable for office workers, the elderly, workers who are up on their feet, or anyone experiencing muscle pains and other ailments. 

With regular use, the CLORIS Reflexology Sandals will improve blood circulation, relieve headaches, relax your feet, and can even help to improve your quality of sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

The great thing about these sandals is that you don’t have to wear them for a prolonged period of time. Instead, CLORIS has designed these acupressure slippers to be worn for just 10 minutes, which CLORIS laboratories have deemed to equate to half an hour of exercise! This makes them a wonderful choice for those with low pain tolerance. 

Besides reducing aches and pains, the CLORIS Foot Massage Sandals stand out to us because they feature 5 real semi-precious Jade stones that are known to contain many beneficial trace elements that the human body needs. 


  • Only need to be worn for 10 minutes per massage session, making them great for those with a low pain tolerance or busy schedule 
  • Feature real Jade Stones which contain trace elements beneficial to the human body


  • Many find them uncomfortable to walk in


Massaging Insoles, Acupressure Magnetic Massage Foot Therapy Reflexology Pain Relief Shoe Insoles 2 Pair Washable and Cutable (Women and Men)

As an alternative, we have selected the bestselling Xuewen Magnetic Massaging Insoles as our final pick! 

Offering plenty of versatility, these insoles can be slotted inside your sneakers or work shoes to get natural pain relief, wherever you go. They feature strategically placed massage nodes that will work to relieve pain, prevent aches, and soothe feelings of tension all over your body. 

Available in multiple sizes, they’re suitable for both men and women and are made of a soft, silicone material that is flexible enough to be worn for everyday use without any discomfort.

They’re also made of 400 massaging nodules that will stimulate pressure points on your feet, while the added benefit of naturally made magnets will produce gentle, magnetic waves to help reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the areas you need it most.

Not only that, but the innovative massage nodes also work to improve the blood circulation, encouraging the blood to flow throughout all of your body instead of gathering in your lower legs and feet, which can cause inflammation and swelling. 


  • Suitable for both men and women, and can be used with all kinds of shoes
  • Contain 400 massaging nodules that will provide targeted relief to pressure points on the feet
  • The naturally made magnets will create gentle waves that will help to reduce inflammation, swelling and improve overall blood circulation


  • Some have found that their feet get hot with these insoles

Best Acupressure Sandals Reflexology Sandals Buying Guide

Reflexology and acupressure sandals are a fantastic at-home solution to achieving effective and holistic pain relief. Before making a purchase, read on to learn about what factors you should take into consideration, as well as having any questions you may have answered:

The size and style

Acupressure and reflexology sandals can run up small, so if you’re between sizes, we highly recommend sizing up in this instance. In general, they’re often unisex and come in multiple different colors and sizes running from a small, medium, and large.

As for the styles, these vary from the most common ‘strap over’ design which is adjustable, all the way to flip-flops and sandals that have ankle straps. You can also find pairs that have arched insoles, which are ideal for those that struggle with flat feet.

Regardless, to make sure you get a comfortable fit, measure your foot size before ordering with the size chart that the manufacturer will have provided. 

The footbed design

Without a doubt, this is likely going to be the hardest choice to make when shopping for a pair of massage sandals. As you’ll of seen from the above list, they come in all kinds of designs! Some have a more subtle, ‘bamboo’ massage footbed, while others offer a more powerful acupoint footbed that will deliver maximum pain relief.

 There really is no right or wrong when it comes to the footbed, instead, you should go for the one that is going to be most comfortable for you.

However, you should make sure that the sandals are made of a high-quality material that isn’t going to break easily, as well as featuring a thick sole that will be able to keep your feet protected from the hard floor. 


When selecting a pair of acupressure or reflexology sandals, one of the most important criteria to keep in mind is what kind of benefits it will offer you.

The best sandals should be able to offer you an effective and precise source of holistic pain management. They should be able to alleviate:

  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Back, neck, and leg pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Metatarsalgia

On top of this, reflexology sandals should also be able to improve your blood circulation, increase your mobility, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do reflexology sandals work?

Reflexology sandals (which can also be labeled as acupressure sandals) draw upon the ancient Chinese tradition which believes that certain areas of hands and feet are connected to different body parts.

The idea is, by applying pressure to these points in the feet, any ailments linked to the corresponding body area will be significantly reduced. 

When it comes to reflexology sandals, they often to be lined with massage nodes that protrude from the footbed and target specific pressure points of the feet as you walk or put your weight down on them.

By doing this, they increase your bloody flow, stimulate your organs and muscles, and help to alleviate different ailments, particularly aches and pains. 

How long are you supposed to wear acupressure sandals?

This all comes down to you and your pain threshold. It’s no secret that most reflexology sandals can cause discomfort, but this is totally normal and to be expected. In fact, many manufacturers state that the level of discomfort felt points to the number of blockages within the corresponding areas of the body - which is even more reason to wear them!

Many people find that it takes them a week or two to adjust to walking in them, however, if you don’t want to wear them for a prolonged period, you could easily wear them for 10-30 minutes a day while tidying or preparing dinner.

Can diabetics wear reflexology sandals?

Though reflexology and acupressure sandals improve blood circulation, which can relieve any numbness you might feel in your feet, we highly recommend consulting your personal doctor before purchasing a pair to decide whether or not they are suitable for you and your personal condition. 

Are acupressure sandals good for arthritis?

Yes, they are! Reflexology and acupressure sandals can effectively reduce the aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, you should notice that many of your symptoms are reduced.