Who are we? Blissful Relaxation is a small team of women, who got together in 2014 to create a website around our passion: spas, pampering, and relaxation!

All team members absolute love our spa days, but when you go regularly things can get expensive very quickly. We started testing out the very best products in pampering and luxury, to see if we could create an equally tranquil experience at home. A few weeks later, Blissful Relaxation was born!

Our goal is simple: bring the spa home to you. Perhaps we will never be able to truly replicate the peace and social atmosphere of a spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great spa-like experiences at home. Not only will the relaxation help you beat stress and improve your overall wellbeing, but the at-home solutions will help you save money from all those expensive spa trips.

We will always try to give you impartial advice on all the best beauty, health, and relaxation products available.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Blissful Relaxation, and we hope you enjoy your time at home with the products we recommend even more!

Best wishes from all the team!