For those who work in physically demanding jobs that require you to stand on your feet for prolonged periods, you are likely to experience the discomfort and foot fatigue that can occur as a result.

When you arrive home you will likely want to give your feet some much needed TLC to alleviate this discomfort and that is where the Kendal MS0809M All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager comes into question. 

Helping to relieve foot fatigue while improving blood circulation, the Kendal All-in-One Foot Massager boasts multiple settings and features including heat therapy, oxygen bubble massage, and high frequency vibration, to give your feet the well needed treatment that they deserve. 

Below, we have compiled a review of this foot spa bath massager, delving into the features as well as the pros and cons to give you a clear understanding that will allow you to assess whether it is suitable for your needs. Practicing intimate massage is good for your health and relationships. Our experts recommend additional viewing of porn videos from for better arousal, in combination with regular massage. The site has videos for all tastes, you will be able to find individual porn to suit your mood.

Kendal MS0809M All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager


Kendal MS0809M All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager


  • 3 Set Programmes for high frequency, vibration massage, heating, or oxygen bubble massage.
  • Can accommodate feet up to a men’s size 14.
  • PTC heating semiconductor provides overheating protection and maintains a consistent temperature.
  • Self draining.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • High quality constructed plastic body.
  • The electronic display shows the temperature and the time.
  • Temperature control with indicators when different temperatures have been reached.
  • Leakage protection.
  • Measures 19” x 15” x 12” and weighs 7 lbs.

Larger and deeper in size than many competitor foot spas, the Kendal MS0809M Foot Spa Bath Massager boasts an impressive design with many great features.

It accommodates both men and women’s feet and features a quick heat up element that will heat up cold water in a matter of minutes.

This feature also helps to ensure that a constant temperature is maintained so that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing foot massage.

Impressively, the unit also offers safe overheating protection for safety when it is in use.

Thanks to the rollers and stimulus nodes, not only does this foot spa massage and relax feet, but it can also help to improve metabolism and smoothens the meridians of your Qi system to leave you feeling rejuvenated after use.

You are also provided with a choice of massages, each varying according to the temperature of the foot spa.

The massage nodes and removable rollers help to target and relieve heel pain and foot fatigue. For those looking for a more relaxing massage, the oxygen bubble massage is a great option.

A great feature of this foot spa bath massager is the temperature control settings. The blue light indicates that the temperature is below 42 ℃ while the red light indicates that the temperature is above this.

As mentioned, the temperature varies depending on the massage and it can be altered depending on the massage that you want to enjoy. 

The settings of this foot spa put you in control. The intelligent display shows the time and the temperature. Impressively, you can alter the temperature, the timer, and the bubble functions as and when you choose.

This ensures that the massage caters to your personal preferences, really helping to target the areas where it is required the most.


  • Excellent Build Quality: The high-quality plastic body is resistant to damage caused by high temperatures and aging, accounting for long term durability. Regardless of the regularity in which it is used, it is likely to maintain its quality.
  • Splash Cover: This effectively helps to prevent any splashing or spillages protecting the area surrounding the unit from getting wet while it is in use. It also allows you to move your feet freely inside the unit without having to worry about shaking the water and causing a mess as a result.
  • Deep Design: Thanks to the deep design of this foot spa your feet will remain submerged in the water at all times when in use so that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing foot massage. It can also be used by those with larger feet.
  • Intuitive Display: This allows you to control the temperature and timer for convenient use and it can also be altered depending on the massage and level of relaxation that you require. 
  • Portable: The wheels allow for convenient maneuverability and also make it much easier to carry when needed. For example, it can easily be carried to the sink for filling and then moved into another room. These caster wheels can also be locked into place so that the unit remains securely positioned when it is in use. 
  • Maintains its Temperature: Not only does the unit keep the water warm, but it also keeps it circulating too so that you can enjoy a relaxing foot massage regardless of the length of time in which your feet are submerged. 
  • Self Draining: The drain hose allows for convenient draining of the water once you have finished using it. As this unit is larger in size, lifting it to empty can be difficult and is more likely to result in a mess in the process of doing so, the hose allows the water to drain with ease. 
  • Bubbles and Vibration: The bubbles and vibrations stimulate your feet and are particularly effective in relieving foot fatigue and helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort that can be caused by standing on your feet for prolonged periods.


  • The Noise: Many customers who have purchased this foot spa have commented on the loud noise that it produces when it is functioning. For those who are hoping to enjoy a relaxing experience, a loud unit can be particularly off-putting instead causing a great deal of distraction as a result.
  • The Quality of the Rollers and Vibration: The material that has been used to create the rollers is a little hard and rough and so some may not find the thought of rubbing against them very appealing. The vibration and bubbles could be a little more powerful to get the best out of using your foot massager. Some customers who have previously purchased this massager have suggested that they lack the force needed to deliver relaxing and noticeable results. 


The Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager is a great option for those who are looking for a hassle free way to provide their feet with the relaxing treatment that they deserve.

Deeper and larger than many other models available on the market, the unit can be enjoyed by those who have bigger feet providing each individual with the space to move freely.

It boasts a durable construction that ensures that it will see you through many uses and the convenient caster wheels allow for easy maneuverability before securing the unit in place.

The intuitive display is also favorable as it informs you of the temperature and time, etc. while also clearly showing each of the functions on offer so that you can easily navigate between each. 

There are areas that can be improved such as the regulation of the temperature so that it doesn’t become too hot while it is in use.

The noise may also be off-putting to those who want to enjoy a relaxing foot massage in a quiet and peaceful environment.

On the whole, it boasts a basic design that makes it easy to use and has multiple massage modes to cater to individual preferences. 


With an impressive star rating and many reviews, there is no denying that the Kendal MS0809M Foot Spa Bath Massager is a strong contender within the market of foot spa units.

The basic design, impressive build quality, and expanse of features such as the range of massage options, the quick heat up time, and the immersive design is likely to appeal to many.

It also retails within an affordable price range, making it an excellent choice for those who want to relieve any foot fatigue and discomfort without breaking the bank in the process of doing so.