Are you in need of foot pain relief? We completely understand you. An unfortunate constant companion to many people, foot pain is a bother in more ways than one. If you work in retail or another job that has you standing or walking the entire day, you are probably suffering from pain each and every day. However, foot pain is not limited to those that walk or stand a lot - we all suffer from it every now and then.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of the pain and enjoy your life. Things like massages, heated foot spa relief, stretches, exercises, or even just applying pain-relieving medication can help. Read on to learn all about relieving your pain.

Draw a foot bath for foot pain relief

a heating foot spa should be one of the first things you try if your feet are aching

A heating foot spa should be one of the first things you try if your feet are aching. You can draw a foot bath using things found in your own home, and the relief will be immense.

You should be using warm, but not too hot, water. You can begin by putting your feet up for a few minutes and then prepare your soak. 

Allow yourself the time to sit back and enjoy this moment of relaxation. Don't try to catch up on work at this time. Put away your laptop, close your eyes, and breathe in. And if you prefer to stay active - read a book. A foot bath should be your "me-time", not shared with anything else.

To draw a foot bath, you can use Epsom salt to reduce swelling or relax your sore muscles. To do this, add one cup of Epsom salts to a tub of warm water and soak for around twenty minutes. You can also just use some essential oils or even a shower gel to create a soapy mixture.

Get a foot massage

Who doesn't love a foot massage? Foot massages do more than just help you find feet pain relief, as pressing different areas of the foot may have beneficial effects on your spine or other parts of your body. However, what foot massages truly excel at, is relieving a feeling of tension in the feet.

A massage is a fantastic way for ball of foot pain relief, foot arch pain & more. If you are able to have a professional perform your massage, we highly recommend it. However, many people enjoy foot massages performed by friends, spouses or family.

Do some stretches

Did you know that stretching exercises can bring sore feet relief? Stretching, in general, is extremely beneficial if you suffer from swelling or muscle tension, and your feet are no exception here.

Some light exercises and stretches you can perform are:

  • Toes: flex your toes, pointing them and then curling them for up to 15 seconds. Repeat at least a few times.
  • Warm-up: sit down and extend your legs. Move your toes all around, pointing them toward your body, and then away from it. Then move your ankles in a circle (clockwise and counterclockwise).
  • Stretch your feet: shift your weight from the heels to the toes. You can do this by taking turns lifting the front and back of your feet while you're standing up.

Practice strengthening exercises

The above exercises are going to be helpful for pain relief, but strengthening exercises will help you in the long run. It's good to get started with them - they're not very taxing on the rest of your body, so they can work just fine for most people.

Here are some strengthening exercises for you to try:

  • Try an Achilles stretch while standing facing a wall. 
  • Scatter some marbles and pick them up with your toes.
  • Get a resistance band and attach it to the foot of a piece of furniture. Sit directly across from it in a chair. Pull your foot through the band and then pull toward your body. Hold it for as long as you can - at least a few seconds. 
  • While seated, pull a towel from the floor toward you with your feet.

Buy arch supports

arch supports are something that everyone who suffers from foot arch pain should consider buying

Arch supports are something that everyone who suffers from foot arch pain should consider buying. They are the ultimate way to foot arch pain relief. They will correct the manner of your walking & relieve the pressure on your feet.

We highly recommend researching the matter prior to buying arch supports. It's important that you get the right ones.

Switch your shoes

Wearing the wrong type of shoes can be truly harmful to our feet. Women are very susceptible to this, as many women love wearing heels, or are simply required to do so by their jobs.

However, even men can find themselves wearing shoes that are uncomfortable, be it for work or just as an unhappy accident.

If you find that your feet pain is consistent, you suffer from top of foot pain or pain in ball of foot, your shoes feel constricting, and you cannot wait to take them off at the end of the day, it might be time to look for a new pair of shoes.

Ice your feet

Ice has a variety of benefits when it comes to reducing pain and swelling. You've probably used ice when treating an injury, but you do not need to be injured to ice your feet. 

While a warm foot soak is amazing, sometimes, especially if your feet are swollen, ice might actually work better. To achieve top of foot pain relief, apply an ice pack and leave it for up to a minute. Don't leave it for too long, but you can repeat the process.

The same thing applies to ball of foot pain relief - just apply an ice pack and enjoy it.

Apply a topical pain-relieving medication

There are many pain-relieving medications that your pharmacist may recommend for foot pain relief. If you find that at-home methods do not work, we recommend giving OTC medication a try.

You can begin with a nice soak, dry your feet completely, and then apply the medication to the most painful areas. Leave it to dry before you attempt to put on socks.

Exercises for flexibility and mobility

There are many exercises that improve the flexibility and mobility of your feet. The exercises we described above work very well, and you can combine both stretching and strengthening exercises to achieve the best results.

You may also find relief in swimming or doing aqua aerobics, as those allow you to stretch your feet without any extra pressure.

Importance of foot care

The importance of foot care cannot be overstated. It's not just about having nice feet that look great in the summer - it's about the health of your entire body, most of all, spine.

Feet carry us through the day, and twisting them or allowing them to keep on hurting may damage your posture or your spine, not to mention resulting in chronic pain. This is why other than foot soaks, we recommend exercises and stretching.

Foot health and safety tips

If you want your feet to stay healthy for years, here are a few helpful tips that you should follow.

  • Wash your feet often, and be thorough.
  • Dry your feet well after a bath.
  • Be careful when clipping your toenails.
  • Moisturise your feet frequently.
  • If you want to buy new shoes, do so after a whole day at work.
  • Try to avoid wearing high heels.
  • Exercise often.
  • Take foot baths.


Our feet are immensely important, and foot pain is enough to spoil anyone's day. In order to avoid it, make sure you follow our quick tips to stay healthy for years.