Human feet are complex structures. Did you that 25% of your bones are located in the feet? In fact, there are 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons, 250,000 sweat glands, and 15,000 nerve endings located here! Women are also more prone to having issues with their feet, thanks to high heeled footwear.

More than 75% of Americans experience problems with their feet at least once in their lifetime. To keep our feet strong and healthy, walking is one of the best exercises. Doctors recommend taking at least 8,000 steps every day. If that’s not possible, then you can always consider a foot massage.

The Benefits of Foot Massage and Why they feel so good?

Your feet take a lot of punishment and are also the most ignored part of the body. It’s not surprising that they can get stiff, sore, and even crampy. The feet are prone to aches, sweats, and swells too. But here’s where a foot massage definitely helps.

Relaxes your body

A foot massage helps to improve your foot’s circulation. It actually aids the lymph and blood systems to remove toxins. The minute you start massaging your feet, it triggers your body to relax. According to reflexology therapy, a foot massage actually targets the entire body. It can actually correct imbalances that may be occurring in different areas of your body. Targeted stimulation of your feet eases much of the tension in your lower back, legs, and entire body.

Triggers the release of feel-good hormones

Once your muscles begin to relax, your body will release hormones that bring about a sense of calm and tranquillity. It actually decreases hormones that keep you feeling stressed and wound-up.

Alleviates Depression

According to reflexology, there are points along your feet that can be massaged to improve the symptoms of depression. When you apply pressure or massage these points for up to 3 minutes, you can actually start to feel better. For instance, the area between your big toe and ball of your foot is associated with mental health and emotional stability. When you apply pressure or massage this point for a few minutes each day, it can elevate your mood.

Enhances Sleep Quality

One of the best times to get a foot massage is before hitting the bed. A relaxing and soothing massage will increase the circulation of your feet and trigger your entire body to relax. This aids in falling and staying asleep.

Reduces Anxiety

After a stressful day at the office, you will feel wound up and tense. A foot massage can help you relax and decompress. This is actually necessary if you’ve been walking or standing for most of the day. Prolonged standing can increase the swelling in your feet. A gentle massage for up to 10 minutes before bedtime will help you calm down. You can actually feel the tension melting away.

Enhances Blood Circulation

The modern lifestyle is a sedentary one. In fact, most people either neglect their feet or don’t use their feet muscles correctly. This hinders blood flow to the area. Even certain types of footwear like high-heeled shoes or ones with pointed toes can impede blood circulation. When you massage the feet for at least ten minutes, you’re helping your body transport oxygen to the area.

Healthy Practice for the Feet

Did you know that a regular foot massage actually prevents foot problems from occurring? A massage increases blood flow to the feet and loosens stiff muscles and tendons. Best porn site – Watch porn. It even minimizes the pain in the heels and ankles. Massaging your feet on a regular basis will increase the flexibility and strength of your ankles as well.

Helps in dealing with grief

This may sound surprising but according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing in 2010, a foot massage during an especially stressful time like the death of a spouse, parent, or child, can help you manage your grief. A foot massage during this difficult time can provide much-needed relief and consolation.

Whether you’re getting a foot massage to relieve pain, deal with grief, reduce anxiety, improve circulation, or experience better sleep, you simply cannot deny the feel-good emotions that are triggered after a massage. By massaging your feet for at least ten minutes per day, you can experience all these benefits along with a sense of calm and relaxation. You should make foot massages a part of your daily routine so that you can not relax and unwind but prevent future foot-related issues.